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“Boat Dance Party”

Barcelona’s Top-Rated Booze Cruise Party – Your Ticket to Unforgettable Fun!

As the proud winner of the Best Boat Party in Barcelona Award for 2024, we’re not just any party – we’re the party everyone talks about.

Remember, tickets for this sizzling summer sensation fly off the shelf, especially during the peak mid-summer season. Don’t be the one left on the shore! Book your tickets now and dive into the best boat party experience Barcelona has to offer.

The best boat Party in Barcelona

Ride the Waves of Excitement with Barcelona’s Ultimate Boat Party Scene! Since 2005, we’ve been the go-to crew for anyone looking to amp up their Barcelona experience.

Known for hosting the most electrifying boat parties in the city, we’ve earned a rep for being the ultimate must-do event on Barcelona’s party circuit. This isn’t just any boat party; it’s the peak of maritime merrymaking!

Don’t miss the boat on this one – these parties are legendary for selling out fast. Grab your tickets now and be part of the wave. Join us and see why we’re crowned the Best Boat Party in Barcelona for 2024! 

three friends pose for the camera on boat party barcelona wild dance party

Join our Party Boat in Barcelona!

Get Set for Barcelona’s Epic Boat Party – Early Birds Catch the Best Waves! 

Want in on Barcelona’s most talked-about Boat Party? Act fast, because tickets vanish quicker than a sunset on the horizon! And here’s something to get your party spirits soaring: snag an early bird discount of 10%!

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foaming beer out of mouth on boat party barcelona

Boat Party in Barcelona Tickets

Hop on Board the Party Wave – Your Boat Party Barcelona Tickets Await!

Scoring your tickets to Barcelona’s most epic boat parties is a breeze. Dive into our fantastic lineup below and pick your perfect party. Let’s set sail to an unforgettable experience! Make sure you buy your tickets now as these sell out way in advance!

Most popular boat parties

Private Boat Party

Private Boat Party

Got a big group to look after? We have got you covered our boat can fit 140 people! Why don’t you rent the whole thing?

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Sail Boat Charter

Sail Boat Charter

If you are looking for something a little more personal why not rent one of our Sail Boats they fit a max 11 people and come complete with your own Captain! Only €69

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Our Other Boat Parties

BBQ Boat Party

BBQ Boat Party

BBQ, Beer, Booze and Boat parties this is a winning combination come and join our BBQ Boat Party this summer for only €65

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Pirate Boat Party

Pirate Boat Party

Time to set sail on the seven seas with our Pirate themed Boat party! All taking part on our wooden Pirate Ship! Only €60

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Sunset Boat Party

Sunset Boat Party

Sunset and cocktails are the affair on our Barcelona Sunset Boat Party. This is a VIP experience, you only live once! Only €85

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Yacht Charter

Yacht Charter

If your into the Luxury lifestyle we have a list of private Yachts for Charter any and all requests catered for starting price €5000

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Special Boat Parties

We have been running boat parties in Barcelona since 2005 and have a reputation for being one of the best party events to do in Barcelona. This is a sell out event so we suggest buying your tickets as soon as possible! The best party boat Barcelona! Voted Best Boat Party Barcelona 2024!

groups fo friends partying on the boat party

What is inlcuded in our boat parties?

Embark on an electrifying adventure with Boat Party Barcelona! Dive into a sea of excitement with drink tickets to fuel your journey.

Get ready for a splash of thrill at our swim stop, decked out with water toys for an extra dash of fun. Indulge in a gastronomic feast aboard the Lunch Boat, where a tantalizing Paella awaits.

As the waves dance, so will you, with our onboard DJ spinning heart-pumping beats. But the party doesn’t stop at sea; step into Barcelona’s pulsating nightlife with exclusive access to a top-tier nightclub. It’s not just a boat party; it’s a whirlwind of exhilaration from sea to shore! All our boat parties are unique so please see the actual event for exactly what is included.



Drink tickets will be provied throughout our Boat Parties!



A swim stop with water toys for extra fun!



A Paella Lunch is Includes in our Lunch Boat!

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On-board DJ to pump out the tunes!

disco icon

Club Entry

Entry to a top Night Club!

Boat Party prices

Set Sail with Barcelona’s Premier Boat Party Organizers – Unbeatable Fun at Unbeatable Prices!

As Barcelona’s largest and most renowned boat party organizer, we bring you top-tier fun without breaking the bank. Our legendary parties set the standard for quality and excitement – and all at prices that simply can’t be topped!

Ready for the thrill of a lifetime? Our boat parties kick off at just €55 per person. Dive into the ultimate party experience without diving deep into your wallet!

euro under water

What is a Boat Party?

A boat party is a social gathering that takes place on a boat, often featuring music, dancing, and various forms of entertainment.

What to expect from our Boat Party in Barcelona?

Attending a Boat Party in Barcelona promises an unforgettable and high-energy experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Award-Winning Experience: Recognized as the highest-rated Booze Cruise and the best boat party in Spain for 2023.
  • Vibrant Atmosphere: Known for its lively setting with sun, sea, and sangria.
  • Party Format: Two-hour cruise with drinks, games, and a vibrant crew, plus free club entrance post-cruise.
  • Variety of Parties: Options include the original Boat Party, BBQ boat party, buffet boat party, and Champagne Sunset Cruise.
  • Unforgettable Sea Voyage: Described as an extreme, alcohol-fueled adventure, ideal for party enthusiasts.
  • Food and Drinks: Includes options like beer, sangria, and a Mediterranean buffet on certain cruises.

In summary, a Boat Party in Barcelona is a mix of scenic views, lively entertainment, and varied party experiences, catering to those looking to experience the city’s party scene in a unique and memorable way.

man jumping from barcelona boat party in a mankini

Where do we meet for the Boat Party?

Set Your Sails for Fun – Meeting at at the Coconut Club! 

Note: when you book you will get an email with all these details!

Here’s the plan: Our rendezvous spot is the Coconut Club, right beside the Night Club Pacha at Port Olympic. To ensure you’re all set for the ultimate boat party experience, check-in swings open 1.5 hours before we set sail. But remember, the check-in gate shuts 30 minutes before departure. Pro tip: Be early to avoid missing the boat – this party at sea waits for no one! 

swimming behind the boat at the barcelona boat party

Why Join our Boat Party in Barcelona

Joining a boat party in Barcelona is not just an activity; it’s an experience that epitomizes the essence of fun, adventure, and unforgettable memories. Here’s why you should consider being a part of this exhilarating experience:

Unique Party Atmosphere: On a boat party, you’re not just at a venue; you’re on an ever-moving, dynamic platform with panoramic views of the Barcelona coastline. The rhythm of the waves adds an extra layer of excitement to the party atmosphere.

Breathtaking Scenery: Barcelona’s coastline is renowned for its beauty. From the Mediterranean Sea, you get a unique perspective of the city’s skyline, beaches, and sunsets, making for an extraordinary backdrop to your party experience.

Sun, Sea, and Sangria: Embrace the Spanish way of life with sun-soaked decks, refreshing sea breezes, and the famous local drink, sangria. This combination is the perfect recipe for relaxation and enjoyment.

Socializing and Networking: Boat parties attract a diverse group of people, offering opportunities to meet new friends or network in a relaxed, informal setting.

Variety of Entertainment Options: With music from top DJs, dancing, and various themed events, there’s something to suit every taste. The dynamic and vibrant energy is contagious, ensuring a lively and enjoyable experience.

Exclusive Experience: Due to the limited space, boat parties often provide a more exclusive and intimate setting compared to land-based parties.

Adventure on the Waves: For the adventurous at heart, the party might include swim stops or water sports, adding an element of adventure to the experience.

Memorable Moments: A boat party in Barcelona is more than just a night out; it’s an event that creates lasting memories. Whether it’s dancing under the stars, watching a stunning sunset, or just enjoying the sea breeze, these moments become treasured memories.

What to wear on a Boat Party In Barcelona

Dressing for a boat party in Barcelona means combining style with practicality. Aim for a chic yet comfortable look; think light, airy fabrics like linen or cotton.

Women can opt for flowy summer dresses or stylish shorts and a top, while men might choose casual shirts and shorts. Footwear should be boat-friendly – think non-slip and comfortable, like sandals or boat shoes. Don’t forget swimwear for a potential dip in the sea.

Accessorize with sunglasses and a hat for sun protection. Layering is key, as evenings can be cool, so bring along a light jacket or wrap. Remember, it’s all about enjoying the party in comfort and style!

Boat Party Dress Code

Our Dress code is whatever you like! It is gonna be hot and wet so dress appropriatly! 

NightClub Dress code

Every ticket to our Boat Parties comes with a complimentary night club entry, perfect for continuing the fun. We advise everyone to head home after the boat party to switch into night club attire. Barcelona’s night clubs have a smart casual dress code: no swim shorts or flip flops. This is your chance to dress up and experience the city’s vibrant night life in style!

girls dressed to impress on a boat party in Barcelona

Are Boat Parties in Barcelonas worth it?

Boat parties in Barcelona are often seen as a worthwhile experience. They uniquely blend stunning Mediterranean scenery with a dynamic party vibe, setting them apart from typical nightlife.

These events attract a diverse crowd, featuring live music, dancing, and various entertainment. It’s an opportunity to mingle with both locals and tourists in a festive atmosphere.

However, whether a boat party is worth it depends on your personal tastes. If lively social gatherings and picturesque views appeal to you, then a boat party in Barcelona could be a memorable and enjoyable choice.

Pros of Boat Parties

  • Distinctive venue with a unique experience.
  • Stunning coastal and sunset views.
  • Lively atmosphere with music and dancing.
  • Opportunities for socializing.
  • Creative themes and entertainment.
  • Exclusivity due to limited capacity.

Cons of Boat Parties

  • We can’t think of any!

enjoying the boat party

Boat Party Rules!

While we’re all about fun, a few key rules ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment:

  • Avoid arriving overly intoxicated, as alcohol is served onboard and we prioritize safety.
  • Always drink responsibly.
  • Wait for the captain’s permission before entering the water.
  • Heed our crew’s instructions – they’re here for your safety and assistance.
  • Most importantly, have a great time and enjoy the party!
Barcelona coastline

Boat Party Reviews

We have been running boat parties in Barcelona since 2005 and have a reputation for being one of the best party events to do in Barcelona. This is a sell out event so we suggest buying your tickets as soon as possible! The best party boat Barcelona! Voted Best Boat Party Barcelona 2023!


We have been running boat parties in Barcelona since 2005 and have a reputation for being one of the best party events to do in Barcelona. This is a sell out event so we suggest buying your tickets as soon as possible! The best party boat Barcelona! Voted Best Boat Party Barcelona 2023!

barcelona sunset from our boat party

A party you will never forget

Its a two-hour cruise of the med served up with drinks, wild games and the sickest promo crew in Barcelona to help you have a great time. After the cruise is finished don´t worry the party is not over, head home get your party shirt on because you also receive free club entrance that night!

A cruise for everyone

We offer four variations of our award winning party, The original Barcelona Boat Party, a daytime BBQ boat Party, a BUFFET BOAT PARTY and an evening Champagne Sunset Cruise. There is really something for everyone on the best Boat Party in Barcelona. The most popular yacht party Barcelona.

Our Boat Booze Cruise is legendary!

You should try sunset sailing Barcelona and book one of our private boat parties!

Join a Boat Party and see Spain’s Famous Coastline

Whether your here for a day, a week, a month or even forever you have not partied in Barcelona until you have been on a Barecelona boat party with Boat Party Barcelona. This is a must thing to do in Barcelona and we have won several awards for our party! Sun, Sea & Sangria, it is the Spanish way! You will drink that much they often call it the Booze boat!

BUY Tickets Now Or Miss out

Don’t miss out sign-up for boat party Barcelona now. We currently have some great deals on but they wont last long! Grab your tickets now before they are all gone! Don’t be the person emailing us the day before asking for tickets because there will not be any left that’s another guarantee!

Tickets for the booze cruise boat sell out, especially during the mid summer months so booking for your boat party in Barcelona is essential.

Private boat party Charter?

We have a range of options for people wanting a private boat party in barcelona get in touch here to find out more.

A boat party Barcelona story….

We had heard about Boat Party Barcelona from some of our friends who had been travelling through Europe the previous summer. They had travelled through 7 different countries and 6 weeks and when I asked them what was the highlight of their trip they unanimously said ‘the boat party in Barcelona’ So we all had high expectations and booked it before we arrived because we were told they sold out fast.

We arrived at the Port Olympic not sure what to expect. There was an air of anticipation as we all signed in with a member of staff and headed aboard. The boat itself was a two story boat with a bar on the lower level and then the dance floor and DJ set up on the upper level. As we stepped on one of the members of staff handed us a beer with a hole near the base of the can and told us to wait until everyone was on board and then we would all shotgun the beer together. We hadn’t shot gunned a beer since college but when everyone was ready every person shot gunned a beer at the same time and the party kicked off!

As the boat left the harbour and sailed into the Mediterranean we looked back on the most spectacular view of the city. We had climbed up Mont Juic the day before and that view was amazing but seeing the city from the sea was a very unique way to see it.

I have been to a lot of crazy parties on my travels but the boat party Barcelona was insane! The staff that worked on the boat were mostly other travellers but they certainly knew how to throw a party! Soon after setting off whipped cream and chocolate sauce came out which were sprayed on peoples’ chests and subsequently licked off. Two girls got really into it and put of quite a show for everyone! People were writing funny slogans on each other with marker pens. On the tables downstairs people were playing games of flip cup and beer pong.

One of the best things about the party was that it was an open bar so the beer and sangria was unlimited. We spent so long playing games downstairs we decided to check out the dance floor and went to the top deck. When we got up top we found a full on rave happening! The DJ was playing some absolute bangers and everyone was jumping up and down like mad to the music.

Boat party Barcelona was a really unique type of party. I’ve travelled to many different parts of the world and had more nights out than I can remember! But the fact that we were all on a boat sailing around the Mediterranean made it so different to anything I had experienced before. Maybe it was the unlimited alcohol or the pure atmosphere that being on a boat entails but I looked around and everyone was having the time of their lives! I couldn’t help thinking of the number of times I’d had the opportunity to go on a boat party and I hadn’t take it and I’m kicking myself for missing out on them because it is such an epic experience!

After sailing for a while the boat anchored and it gave us all the chance to jump off the boat and dive into the sea. The staff threw some inflatables into the water so the party moved from the boat into the ocean! People were having diving competitions off the side into the water and cans were thrown to people who did the craziest dive. We got back on as the boat was due to depart I was glad to see members of staff clearing everything out of the water and making sure nothing was left behind!

On the sail back to the Port the party was absolutely going off on the dance floor on the top deck! It seemed like 90% of the people were upstairs bouncing about to the music. The DJ was amazing, he was playing such summer anthems that they are stuck in my head to this day! Everyone was pretty hammered by this time and so the Dutch girl I hooked up with suggested heading to the front of the boat. There was a lovely atmosphere down at the front of people laughing and joking about the craziness of the last few hours.

We sailed back into the port just as the sun was setting behind the city it was such a spectacular backdrop to end the party with. The boat party was so social we made so many friends who we still keep in touch with to this day. In fact we met some lovely Australian girls who were heading to Valencia so we travelled on with them a couple of days later.

If you are coming to Barcelona I cannot recommend Boat Party Barcelona highly enough! You will meet so many cool, fun like minded people who will want to go out and have an epic party on a boat sailing around the Mediterranean! We were all travelling on a budget so at first we did question whether it was worth it. Then Tommy pointed out that the price of the ticket was basically the same as a round of drinks back home!

When we got back to shore and walked (or stumbled!) onto the pier I totally got why Boat Party Barcelona has got such a reputation! It was an incredibly unique experience and I will be definitely signing up for any boat parties I come across in the future! Thank you so much to all the staff as well because they really got into and made sure everyone had a great time. I’ll definitely be recommending my friends to jump aboard boat party Barcelona on their next trip because it was the highlight of ours!

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