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Boat Party Barcelona

Boat Party Barcelona the home of the Booze Cruise!

Boat Party Barcelona has been running since 2005 and has a reputation for being one of the best party events to do in Barcelona. Whether your here for a day, a week, a month or even forever you have not partied in Barcelona until you have been on a boat party with Boat Party Barcelona.

Its a two-hour cruise of the med served up with drinks, wild games and the sickest promo crew in Barcelona to help you have a great time. After the cruise is finished don´t worry the party is not over, head home get your party shirt on because you also receive free club entrance that night!

We offer three variations of Boat Party Barcelona the original Barcelona Booze Cruise including a daytime bbq boat party and an evening champagne sunset cruise.

Don’t miss out sign-up for boat party Barcelona now.





This is an amazing ALCOHOL-FUELED two-hour cruise of Barcelona´s famous COASTLINE!


BEER & SANGRIA are provided on Barcelona Booze Cruise!


Some great beats will be pumping out the onboard sound system from our resident Booze Cruise DJ!


The party is not over when we get back to dry land! Free VIP CLUB ENTRANCE to one of Barcelona´s top clubs is also included!


ONLY €45

Usual price €60.00 this is a limited offer pay now to take advantage!



This is an amazing chilled out BBQ BOAT PARTY! Listen to the tunes while you soak up the sun and eat delicious BBQ!


An amazing selection of UNLIMITED BBQ! Open bar of soft drinks and water, also, alcoholic beverages supplied after the swim stop!


Some great beats will be pumping out the onboard sound system from our resident Booze Cruise DJ!


The party is not over when we get back to dry land! VIP CLUB ENTRANCE to one of Barcelona’s top clubs is also included!


ONLY €55

Usual price €70.00 this is a limited offer pay now to take advantage!



This is a bit more a sophisticated affair that includes drinks and a traditional Spanish PAELLA and some grown-up CHAMPAGNE and COCKTAILS ideal for friends or lovers!


Delicious traditional SPANISH PAELLA (vegetarian options available) served up with a great selection of CAVA, WINES, BEERS, and MIMOSA COCKTAILS all included in the price.


An amazing live percussion BAND is on the top deck while one of Barcelona’s top DJ´s plays a chill out session down on the lower levels. Enjoy the SUNSET while listening to some AMAZING MUSIC no matter what your style.


Free VIP CLUB ENTRANCE to one of Barcelona’s TOP CLUBS is also included with all of our boat party booze cruise packages!


ONLY €65

Usual price €90.00 this is a limited offer pay now to take advantage!

A boat party Barcelona story….

We had heard about Boat Party Barcelona from some of our friends who had been travelling through Europe the previous summer. They had travelled through 7 different countries and 6 weeks and when I asked them what was the highlight of their trip they unanimously said ‘the boat party in Barcelona’ So we all had high expectations and booked it before we arrived because we were told they sold out fast.

We arrived at the Port Olympic not sure what to expect. There was an air of anticipation as we all signed in with a member of staff and headed aboard. The boat itself was a two story boat with a bar on the lower level and then the dance floor and DJ set up on the upper level. As we stepped on one of the members of staff handed us a beer with a hole near the base of the can and told us to wait until everyone was on board and then we would all shotgun the beer together. We hadn’t shot gunned a beer since college but when everyone was ready every person shot gunned a beer at the same time and the party kicked off!

As the boat left the harbour and sailed into the Mediterranean we looked back on the most spectacular view of the city. We had climbed up Mont Juic the day before and that view was amazing but seeing the city from the sea was a very unique way to see it.

I have been to a lot of crazy parties on my travels but the boat party Barcelona was insane! The staff that worked on the boat were mostly other travellers but they certainly knew how to throw a party! Soon after setting off whipped cream and chocolate sauce came out which were sprayed on peoples’ chests and subsequently licked off. Two girls got really into it and put of quite a show for everyone! People were writing funny slogans on each other with marker pens. On the tables downstairs people were playing games of flip cup and beer pong.

One of the best things about the party was that it was an open bar so the beer and sangria was unlimited. We spent so long playing games downstairs we decided to check out the dance floor and went to the top deck. When we got up top we found a full on rave happening! The DJ was playing some absolute bangers and everyone was jumping up and down like mad to the music.

Boat party Barcelona was a really unique type of party. I’ve travelled to many different parts of the world and had more nights out than I can remember! But the fact that we were all on a boat sailing around the Mediterranean made it so different to anything I had experienced before. Maybe it was the unlimited alcohol or the pure atmosphere that being on a boat entails but I looked around and everyone was having the time of their lives! I couldn’t help thinking of the number of times I’d had the opportunity to go on a boat party and I hadn’t take it and I’m kicking myself for missing out on them because it is such an epic experience!

After sailing for a while the boat anchored and it gave us all the chance to jump off the boat and dive into the sea. The staff threw some inflatables into the water so the party moved from the boat into the ocean! People were having diving competitions off the side into the water and cans were thrown to people who did the craziest dive. We got back on as the boat was due to depart I was glad to see members of staff clearing everything out of the water and making sure nothing was left behind!

On the sail back to the Port the party was absolutely going off on the dance floor on the top deck! It seemed like 90% of the people were upstairs bouncing about to the music. The DJ was amazing, he was playing such summer anthems that they are stuck in my head to this day! Everyone was pretty hammered by this time and so the Dutch girl I hooked up with suggested heading to the front of the boat. There was a lovely atmosphere down at the front of people laughing and joking about the craziness of the last few hours.

We sailed back into the port just as the sun was setting behind the city it was such a spectacular backdrop to end the party with. The boat party was so social we made so many friends who we still keep in touch with to this day. In fact we met some lovely Australian girls who were heading to Valencia so we travelled on with them a couple of days later.

If you are coming to Barcelona I cannot recommend Boat Party Barcelona highly enough! You will meet so many cool, fun like minded people who will want to go out and have an epic party on a boat sailing around the Mediterranean! We were all travelling on a budget so at first we did question whether it was worth it. Then Tommy pointed out that the price of the ticket was basically the same as a round of drinks back home!

When we got back to shore and walked (or stumbled!) onto the pier I totally got why Boat Party Barcelona has got such a reputation! It was an incredibly unique experience and I will be definitely signing up for any boat parties I come across in the future! Thank you so much to all the staff as well because they really got into and made sure everyone had a great time. I’ll definitely be recommending my friends to jump aboard boat party Barcelona on their next trip because it was the highlight of ours!



Chris, 31, Vancouver, Canada


I would like to think I’m a bit of a boat party veteran, I’ve been to boat parties all over Europe in Croatia, Ibiza and Majorca. Boat Party Barcelona was off the chain! We had such a great time! There was about 100 people on this one from all over the world and the vibe was the best I have felt on any boat party I have been on. If you are in Barcelona this summer don’t miss the opportunity to get on this boat and have one of the craziest afternoons of your summer!


Tim, 28, London, England


Well that was one of the craziest experiences of my life! I wasn’t sure what I was signing up to but I’m so glad I did! We met the boat at the Port Olympic and then it sailed out into the Mediterranean. The view of the city was so spectacular as we sailed out. The party really got going after all the staff get everyone on the boat shotgunning and beer bonging beers. It was the best atmosphere I’ve come across everyone was in the best mood! Highly recommended!


Shane, 24, Brisbane, Australia


The Boat Party Barcelona was definitely the highlight of my trip! If you travelling through Barcelona don’t miss out on this! We heard about it from some people in a hostel in Paris so we booked it before we arrived. I’m glad we did as well cos the boat was full the staff told us these things sell out super fast. Speaking of the staff shout of to Tommy he was one of the coolest guys we’ve met on the trip he really knew how to get the party started! Thank you so much Boat Party Barcelona! I’ll be recommending you to everyone I know coming your way!


Paula, 27, Brighton, England


When organising a hen do it’s always difficult deciding what to do. Boat parties however are always a winner and Boat Party Barcelona didn’t disappoint! Because it was an open bar we all steamed straight into the free sangria! Becki, the lucky hen, thanked me for booking the boat saying it was the highlight of the trip. We are already planning a reunion party next summer and Boat Party Barcelona will be at the top of our list when we come back!


Terry, 23, Manchester, England


We found out about Boat Party Barcelona on one of the last days of our holiday but luckily they still had some tickets. It turned out to be the most epic party ever! An open bar definitely helped that cause! It got so loose on that boat. What goes on the boat party stays on the boat party! I definitely can’t write about the stuff that I saw on that boat on the internet but I’m telling you it will bring a smile to my face the rest of my life when I think back to it! Thank you Boat Party Barcelona that was next level!


Ellie, 22, Toronto, Canada


I loved this boat party! Everything about it was just lit! I loved being on a boat sailing round the Mediterranean with that amazing view of Barcelona as a backdrop. The DJ on aboard so was good! I felt like the boaters gonna tip over we ever all jumping up and down so much to his music! Thank you so much Boat Party Barcelona that was such an amazing experience I will be coming back for round 2 next summer for sure!


Donny, 32, Liverpool, England


This was my first boat I’ve been on and now every time I see a boat party anywhere I wanna sign up to it! It was one of the most mental parties I have ever seen! The staff on the boat were so much fun. There was whipped cream and chocolate sauce which they sprayed on people which got licked off! The boat stopped off and we got to jump in the sea and play with inflatables. There were drinking challenges, shotgun races, super soakers with vodka mix. Man I wanna get back on that boat already! That is a party I’m not gonna forget in a hurry!


Leah, 29, Melbourne, Australia


I’ll be honest I don’t remember a whole lot about the boat party, especially towards the end of it! The open bar on the boat meant there was no worrying about whose round was it, you could drink as much as you wanted! The downstairs was more of a chilling area and the DJ and dance floor were on the top deck. It was such an amazing time but I’m gonna pace myself a bit more next time we were all royally cooked by the time we got back to port!


Daniel, 22, St Louis, USA


If you are going to do one thing when in Barcelona then this is it! It was easily the funnest thing I did in the city! You meet the boat at the Port Olympic and it takes you for a cruise out to sea. They had a beer bong on the boat so we started pounding the open bar as soon as we got on! The free sangria was delicious as well and went down a treat! It was obvious that everyone was having the best time. Thank you Boat Party Barcelona for such an epic day out!


Daisy, 21, Sydney, Australia


I signed up to Boat Party Barcelona thinking it was gonna be a little cruise around the Mediterranean sipping sangria and staring out to sea. Instead I got one of the craziest parties I have ever been to! I can’t believe I actually thought it was gonna be tame cos it was the complete opposite! The stories I tell from this boat are definitely for friends and not for parents! I did another boat party off the back of this one in Ibiza and it was twice the price and nowhere near as good! Boat Party Barcelona you definitely lead the way thank you!

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