A Quick Guide to Camp Nou Barcelona

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Camp Nou Barcelona –
The Home of F.C. Barcelona!

Camp Nou (officially Spotify Camp Nou) is the true crown jewel of Barcelona. It’s the home to one of the world’s best, if not the best, football teams, the iconic FC Barcelona. The stadium’s name is Catalan for the new field, but that isn’t the only interesting fact about Camp Nou.

Catching a game at this colossal stadium is one of the bucket-list things to experience while in Barcelona. The atmosphere inside—powered primarily by the cheer of the loyal fans— is nothing short of electric and enchanting. Meanwhile, the experience is intense and unforgettable.

Or, you can catch a glimpse of nearby sights. There’s plenty to explore in and around Camp Nou, from the world-class dining scene and fabled architecture to exciting museums and galleries. This guide details essential info about the stadium, including its history, getting there, tickets, and much more.


A brief history of Camp Nou.

Camp Nou was inaugurated on the 24th of September, 1957. Until then, FC Barcelona had been switching between various grounds in Catalonia. The immediate home ground was the old Les Corts, inaugurated more than three decades earlier.

The lead architects of Camp Nou were Josep Soteras Mauri and Francesc Mitjans Miró, along with Lorenzo García Barbón. The club commissioned the construction project to INGAR SA Company, which broke ground in mid-1955.

The stadium was opened during the 1957 Mercè Festival, Catalonia’s biggest street festival. The whole city was dressed in the colours of FC Barcelona. Many celebrations were held during the occasion, including a solemn mass presided over by Gregorio Modrego, then the Archbishop of Barcelona.

Barca played the first match against select players from Warsaw. The home side triumphed with a deserved 4-2 run-out in which Eulogio Martinez scored Camp Nou’s debut goal. Within the first three years of the new stadium, FC Barcelona clinched the La Liga title twice. And, as they say, the rest is history.

Away from club football, FC Barcelona’s home has hosted many European tournaments, music concerts, cultural festivals, and, even more recently, weddings. It hosted the 1992 Olympic football tournament and the 1982 World Cup. Many A-list performers have also headlined at the stadium, including U2, Michael Jackson, Julio Iglesias, and Bruce Springsteen.

Today, Camp Nou seats a 99,354-strong roaring crowd at full capacity. That makes it Europe’s largest sports stadium and the world’s fourth largest. It only trails North Korea’s Rungrado the 1st of May Stadium (114,000), Iran’s Azadi Stadium (100,116), and Australia’s Melbourne Cricket Ground (100,024).

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Where is Camp Nou?

Camp Nou is located at Aristides Maillol, 12, Barcelona, Spain.

How do I get to Camp Nou?

You can use multiple ways to get to Camp Nou. They include:
Public bus – Take bus line 113 to Mini-Estadi / Palau Blaugrana or blue bus line H8 and alight at Les Corts / Arizala. You can also take bus line 75 to Estadi del Futbol Club Barcelona.

Metro – The Metro Blue Line L5 stops at Badal or Collblanc. Metro Green Line L3 also stops at Les Corts and Palau Reial. Once you exit the metro station, turn left and move northwest up Avenida Diagonal. You’ll come across La Caixa, a huge black skyscraper. Keep heading northwest until you reach the SOFIA Gran Hotel. From here, make the first left, and Camp Nou will appear before you.

Sightseeing bus – If you’re on the “hop on, hop off” sightseeing bus, the closest stop to the stadium is Camp Nou (FC Barcelona). The guide will announce it.

Driving – If you’re driving, use Carrer Arístides Maillol to enter the stadium via access 14. Note that paid on-premise parking is available during match days until four hours before kick-off. You can park free during the operating hours (usually from 10 AM to 6 PM) of Spotify Camp Nou Experience tours.

Walking – Barcelona has earned a reputation for being highly pedestrian-friendly. Use the city’s walkable streets to get to Estadi del Futbol Club Barcelona on foot. The ticket should indicate which access to use, be it Access 9 (Av. de Joan XXIII), Access 15 (Av. Arístides Maillol), Access 15A (Av. Les Corts, social area access), or Access 18 (Av. Les Corts). If unsure, use access 9, which gets you to the ticketing desk and the stadium’s main entrance.

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Where can I get the ticket to an FC Barcelona match at Camp Nou?

Tickets to FCB matches are available online through the team’s official website and at Camp Nou Ticket Desk. You can also score a ticket through various locations in the city, including FC Botiga stores and Plaça de Catalunya tourist office.

During match days, the ticket windows are open at gate 14 and gate 9 from 9.15 AM until kick-off. Expect tickets to set you back anything from €39 up to €400 a pop, depending on the match and seat. Of course, they’re subject to availability.

You can find ticket scalpers lingering around the ticket windows, most of which are club members.

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What facilities are available at Camp Nou?

You can tour Camp Nour any day of the week. Of course, the stadium will be off-bounds to non-ticketed visitors during match days. Facilities abound, as well.

  • Pans & Company – You can find this Spanish fast-food joint at the entrance of Access 9. It serves French fries, baguettes (hot & cold), and various drinks. It has both outdoor and indoor seating.
  • Dining inside the stadium – You must keep in mind that dining options are limited once you’re inside the stadium. There are two spots for a grub at the stadium, Barça Café and In Tour Bar.
  • La Carpa (FCB Bar) – This FCB cabin-style dining spot has outdoor seating. It’s nestled at the stadium’s heart and serves chips, pizzas, hamburgers, hot & cold sandwiches, and drinks.
  • Vending machines – You’ll find plenty of vending machines that stock crisps, sweets, chocolate, and other snacks. Units that sell drinks are also available, but they’re pricey.
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Are there tours to Camp Nou?

Yes! The Spotify Camp Nou Experience tour runs every day from 10 AM to 6 PM, except on Sundays when it ends at 3 PM. It doesn’t operate on La Liga and Copa Del Rey match days.

Remember, operating times may vary depending on the season, so it’d be best to check the stadium’s official website or contact the call desk at +34 90 218 9900
Tickets are available at €29.50 per adult and €22.00 per child up to 13 years of age.

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