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Seafood Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona has a huge selection of some of the best restaurants in Europe. They range from traditional Spanish and Catalan eateries to Chinese, Japanese, Italian and so on. But regardless of the nationalities available one common theme among them all is seafood. As Barcelona sits of the Mediterranean the selection of seafood available here is wide and varied and most importantly, fresh! The difference between fresh and frozen seafood is so vast that while you have such a big variety of it on offer it seems only right you should indulge yourself. I have always had a theory that you shouldn’t eat seafood if you are more than 10km from the coast because you can’t guarantee it is fresh. One guarantee I can make is all the restaurants on this list  are going to be of the highest quality! Here is a few selection of some of the best seafood restaurants in the city.


El Suquet De L’Almirall

65 Passeig de Joan de Borbó, Barcelona, Spain


The Passeig Joan de Borbó in the Barceloneta is lined with seafood restaurants but not all do justice to the city’s reputation for good food. Indeed some of them are actually pretty bad and give the rest of the seafood restaurants along this strip,a bad name. The best of the row is El Suquet de l’Almirall which stands out for its commitment to quality ingredients – much of its seafood is caught locally – and reliance on traditional recipes. Try the ‘suquet‘ – a rich fish stew prepared with saffron and stock – from which the restaurant gets its name, for an authentic Catalan meal.


El Nacional

24 bis Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona, Spain


It is well documented the Oysters are thought it increase your libido. If you are keen to experiment on whether or not this is true bring your loved on pe to El Nacional.

Housed within a former garage and decorated in Catalan art nouveau style, El Nacional is five restaurants under one roof, including a meat restaurant, tapas bar, seafood restaurant and the oyster bar. Get comfy on your stool and choose from a selection of different oysters and accompaniments. If the thought of a fresh oyster and a glass of something bubbly is your idea of a seafood feast then the Oyster Bar at El Nacional is sure to be a treat!


La Gambeta

3 Carrer de la Fusina, Barcelona, Spain


Located in the city’s trendy El Born district, this fantastic seafood establishment is  just a short walk from the Ciutadella Park so after enjoying an afternoon relaxing in Barcelona’s best park make your way to La Gambeta for an evening meal.

An exposed red-brick dining room contrasts with crisp white table-cloths to set the atmosphere of this stylish seafood restaurant., La Gambeta or ‘the little shrimp’ is best-known for its lobster stew known as Caldereta de Bogavante which comes with chunks of tender lobster cooked in a flavoursome fish sauce.


Xiringuito Escribá

Av. Del Litoral, 62, Barcelona, Spain


Located on the beachfront of the Bogatell beach in Barcelona what better way to enjoy a seafood meal than with the sight of the open water in front of you! Xiringuito Escribà is famous for its paella dishes (which is of course an absolute must try whilst in Spain!) which are prepared both with rice or with a small noodle called fideuà which is typical in Catalonia. Be sure to leave room for dessert as they belong to the same family as the Pastisseria Escribà on la Rambla – one of the city’s most renowned patisseries.


La Barceloneta

Carrer de l’Escar, 22, Barcelona, Spain


This family run restaurant is actually named after the old fisherman’s neighbourhood in which it is located. Barceloneta is the district closest to the sea so after a day on the sand this is the place to go when looking for an evening meal. La Barceloneta is most well-regarded seafood restaurants in the city. Situated away among the docks of the Marina Port Vell, the restaurant is a favourite for families at weekends and businessmen looking to impress clients during the week. The restaurant offers both grilled fish, fresh seafood and rich seafood paellas prepared the authentic Catalan way.


La Paradeta

Carrer Comercial, 7, Barcelona, Spain


The main reason why this restaurant makes it to this list is that it is an incredibly unique style of dining experience and I feel it is one that strangely would only really work with seafood. Let me explain…This is a concept restaurant which offers diners the experience of ‘shopping’ for their meal at a market stall counter, where they can choose what they want to eat. The person behind the counter explains the various types of fish and seafood on offer, as well as the ways in which they can be cooked: roast, grilled or fried. Order by weight and then wait until your number is called before collecting your cooked meal from the kitchen counter. One of the most original seafood dining experience to be had in the city.



Carrer Gran De Garcia, 81, Barcelona, Spain


This is one of the great classic restaurants of Barcelona, located in the up market Gràcia neighbourhood and within close proximity to the even more upmarket Sarrià neighbourhood. The restaurant opened in 1975 and has since made a name for itself as one of the best seafood restaurants in the city, serving fresh fish bought at auction in Catalonia and Galicia each morning. The setting is traditional with a certain feeling of pomp and grandeur offered by the white table cloths and brass fittings. Slightly more expensive than other seafood establishments in the city though you pay for what you get as the quality of what is brought to you on a plate is simply fantastic quality