The 3 Best Pub Crawls in Barcelona

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Party all night in Barcelona!

Exploring Barcelona’s nightlife on a pub crawl at least once in your existence shouldn’t miss on your bucket list. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, this city packs the vibrant party scene you need to forget your everyday problems and have the time of your life until the sun comes back up.

We’re talking about great music, wild dancing, lots of booze, and getting high with hippies and mellow people from different cultures. If you’re running short of interesting friends, this is the perfect time to reignite the dying fire of your bland social life.

But here’s the thing – Barcelona boasts a surplus of bars, pubs, and nightclubs. So, if you say you don’t know the hottest welcoming options worth visiting, we get you, which is why we wrote this epic guide to fill you in on the city’s top three best pub crawls. Read on! 

The 3 best Pub Crawls in barcelona

1. Pub Crawl Barcelona


Yes, Pub Crawl Barcelona, or what you might know as the “Original Pub Crawl of Barcelona” is our top recommendation if you’re looking for the best bar hopping experience in the city. It’s the biggest and most popular pub crawl in Europe, which is not by a fluke. The agency runs bar tours from Tuesday to Saturday starting at 10:30 PM and has been offering its premier entertainment packages since 2007. Doubtlessly, it can be your pathway to a stellar weekend with fellow fun-loving individuals from Spain and beyond.

Pub Crawl Barcelona has gained a reputation for gladly embracing party animals to help them explore several top-rated venues around the city, no wonder reputable publications like BBC, The Huffington Post, and Daily Mail have featured it. Your ticket allows you to enjoy a vast array of free drinks at each bar, including cocktails, beer, and wine. And if drinking games are your cup of tea, prepare to enjoy the most exhilarating options in a single night.

Book Your Pub Crawl Barcelona Ticket

Of course, you need a ticket to jump on the Pub Crawl Barcelona bandwagon. Fortunately, reserving one is a breeze – visit their website and make a €10.00 deposit as you await to pay the remaining €10.00 on the night of the bar tour.

Each Pub Crawl Barcelona event typically has 100-500 revelers per night. Remember to book your ticket early lest you miss out on the most unforgettable party spree in Barcelona.

What’s Expected of You

Ready to join Pub Crawl Barcelona? Check out these rules you should observe:

  • Show up on time.
  • Bring your ID.
  • Listen and follow the guidelines given by your Original Pub Crawl Barcelona guide.
  • Drink responsibly away from the streets.
  • Carry condoms if you hope to get freaky by dawn.
  • Go back again! Your ticket is valid for a year. 
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2. I Survied Barcelona Pub Crawl


Run by the I Survived Barcelona team, the Barcelona Pub Crawl definitely deserves to come second on our list of Barcelona’s best bar tours. Though it hasn’t yet dethroned the Pub Crawl Barcelona as the city’s unchallenged king of pub crawls, it promises more ecstasy than you’ve ever hitherto experienced. 

So, here’s what you get once you purchase the Barcelona Pub Crawl ticket priced at €29.99 or sometimes €20 when there’s an online offer:

  • Entry into at least three of Barcelona’s coolest bars and one nightclub.
  • A free drink in every venue you visit.
  • Access to the most affordable drink deals in town.
  • Reliable pub crawl guides to help you make the most out of the wild adventure.
  • The most animated company comprising up to 200 party connoisseurs ready to make awesome memories.
  • The chance to go back and enjoy the pub crawl countless times.

More about the Barcelona Pub Crawl

Before you even book your spot on the popular Barcelona Pub Crawl, familiarize yourself with these points about this bar tour.

For starters, it commences at 10:00 PM sharp every night of the week. Every merrymaker should have arrived at the Cheers Irish Pub at that time. Supposing you’re a tourist, don’t worry too much about it – you’ll find the venue right off the renowned La Rambla and only 16 minutes away from Antoni Gaudí’s Casa Batlló.

Then, remember, “when you look good, you feel good”. You don’t want anything to ruin your mood even before the pub crawl kicks off, so dress to kill, even if you plan to drink yourself into oblivion. I Survived Barcelona suggests comfy dapper casual attire; flip flops and swimming shorts are a big no-no!

Who Does the Barcelona Pub Crawl Target?

Usually, party enthusiasts aged between 18 and 30 join this bar tour, but of course, you can be older and still fit right in. Nonetheless, expect top-class entertainment no matter your age. The Barcelona Pub Crawl has won several accolades, including the coveted Barcelona 2022/23 Nightlife award, meaning it’s deadset on being exceptional.

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3. VIP Nightlife Tour


Sample the thrilling Barcelona night scene with the legendary VIP Nightlife Tour, which ends at Opium, one of the city’s most revered eclectic beach lounge clubs. You’ll probably have had an amazing time at three or four other clubs by then. But we hope you won’t be too knackered to gyrate to the funky house music and some R&B hits as you tease and flirt with your buddies after a few shots.

So, when does the fun begin? The VIP Nightlife Tour, which welcomes 100+ party lovers, commences at 10:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays (from the end of March to October). Chances are, you’ll be heading back home at 6:00 AM with a gnawing urge to join the pub crawl again.

How Much Should You Pay?

A VIP Nightlife Tour ticket costs €49.95. Besides the complimentary drinks and free VIP entry to Opium Mar, it also covers free transport and an experienced professional photographer, meaning you’ll actually have some snaps to help you walk down memory lane someday. 

And here’s something even more exciting – if the VIP Nightlife Tour sells out, one crew of four revelers will win a free VIP table at Opium worth a whopping €350! Should the odds be in your favor, you could be a part of this lucky squad.

The VIP Nightlife Tour Dress Code

When going for this pub crawl, aim for nothing less than elegance. Steer clear of flip flops, sandals, trainers, and sportswear. Men can try a classic shirt with a white collar, and for the ladies, a stylish pair of comfortable high heels and a voguish cocktail dress should do.

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These are the 3 best pub crawls in barcelona and if you go on any of them you are sure to have a great night! We have been on them all and enjoyed ourselves or atleast what we could remeber of crazy nights we had! Remeber enjoy alcahol in moderation and dont get white girl wasted! 

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