1. How much is it?

€49.95 Euro includes:

  • 2 hours cruise of the med
  • VIP Club entrance
  • Panoramic views of Barcelona
  • Live DJ

Everyone coming to Barcelona who goes to a nightclub will spend 50€ on drinks. Clubs are the same all around the world, this is a completely different experience. A daytime party in the middle of the sea, get as rowdy and sloppy as you want. If you don’t want to get drunk and meet other travellers this is not for you!

2. Where do we meet?

When you book you will receive an email with the meeting point for your cruise its really close to port olympic we meet there 1 hour before your chosen time for Booze Cruise Barcelona.

3. What do I need to bring with me?

Proof of purchase if your have it on your phone or tablet thats fine

Regarding to clothing we have no needs, but we would suggest beach clothes and a bathing suit. You can bring your phone/camera or similar if you like, but remember we do have a photographer on board that will be taking pictures the whole time and it is probable that your camera gets wet.

You might need a bit of cash just in case you need transportation to get back to your hostel after the party.

 4. I don’t like beer and sangria can I bring my own alcohol?

We have beer, sangria, you can always bring your own drinks as long as is in a plastic bottle.

5. Where can I see the pictures that are taken on the boat?

We will send you a link with the link to the gallery for your chosen night

6. What does the wrist band give me?

The I SURVIVED BARCELONA wristband gives you VIP club entrance to a choice of 10 different clubs and unlimited bar crawls during your stay in Barcelona.

The Bar Crawl meets every day in the same place http://www.barcrawlbarcelona.com/meeting-point/

The list of the clubs where you have free entrance until 2:00h are all in our webpage http://www.isurvivedbarcelona.com/club-schedule/.

7. What should I wear?

The boat party has no dress code but you have to think that you’ll get wet and dirty in alcohol so probably beach wear on board will be the most comfortable. Don’t come dressed in high heels or suits, leave that for the cub !

8. Which nightclub do we visit?

It depends on the day of the boat party please call us to find out more information.

9. Where do we meet in the evening?

We meet on the pub crawl for the meeting point go here http://www.barcrawlbarcelona.com/meeting-point/

10. Do I need to pay in full straight away?

·Yes we take full payment online to reserve each spot.

 11. How do I book my place on the booze cruise?

Super easy. Go to http://boozecruisebarcelona.com/reserve-now/ and pay through PayPal. 

 12. How often are booze cruises running this summer?

We are always updating our calendar. So far we have Boat Parties every Thursday and every Saturday during the whole summer season. Check the calendar in the web page to see if the date you’re looking for is available !

14. Why choose our boat party?

Our company has been running for 8 years here and we’ve been improving our drinking games and organization since. We have more than 30 promoters and all of them are real party people who are here to show you guys a great time and get drunk with you. A lot of our staff has worked party jobs all around the world and they bring their own ideas and unique sense of fun to our boat parties to make sure it’s a day you never forget!!

Get ready to get super drunk and have an amazing time with us !

 15. I want to work on the boat parties how can I do this?

We will be looking to hire people all summer long so if you are confident and outgoing and able to speak to groups of people send us an email with a few party photos and a bit about yourself, do not send a CV we won’t read it.

Terms and Conditions of use

Booze Cruise Barcelona promotes responsible drinking and we refuse service to anyone who’s clearly intoxicated.

Consumption of drugs is strictly prohibited.

We are not responsible for the lost belongings. Take care of your valuables and do not bring anything that is not necessary on the boat.

A lifeguard is present on board the boat, but inexperienced and amateur swimmers should not enter the water. If you have been consuming alcohol Booze Cruise Barcelona will not take responsibility for any injuries or accidents. You are entering the water/boat at your own risk.

Booze Cruise Barcelona reserves the right to modify this terms and conditions at any time. We do so by posting and drawing attention to the updated terms on the site. Your decision to continue to use our service is subject to acceptance of the new terms of service.

By agreeing to this waiver you certify you are 18+ years of age, a consenting adult and agree to the above terms and conditions.

We work with a lot of different boats some allow you to go swimming others do not. None of them allow you to go swimming if you have been drinking. For more information on what boat your booking on please contact us.