Legal Drinking Age in Barcelona

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What is the legal drinking age in Barcelona

If you plan to head to Barcelona soon, you’ll probably want to familarise yourself with the local laws and customs. While there is plenty to look at, one of the most important for any adult tourist will be the drinking laws.

There are plenty of great places to get alcoholic drinks in Barcelona, from restaurants and cafes to pubs and clubs. But before you get your drink, make sure you are old enough, especially if you’re traveling with older teenagers. 

The legal drinking age in Barcelona is 18. This is similar to many other neighbouring European countries. But this does mean anyone who is 16 or 17 won’t be able to legally buy any alcoholic beverages. 

Now there are a few more important things to know about drinking laws in Barcelona/ Spain. But to help make this easier to navigate, we’ve compiled a mini-FAQ for you to check out below. Anyone looking to enjoy a drink or two should learn everything they need to know in our guide. 

When Can Establishments Sell Alcohol?

Now, this is quite interesting because, unlike in some countries, many establishments can sell alcoholic beverages whenever they open. So, if your favourite restaurant opens early, at 7 AM, it might serve alcohol right away.

Can I be asked for ID in Barcelona?

You might not know this, but it is a legal requirement for tourists to carry some form of ID. This will most commonly be a passport, and if you are lucky enough to look younger than your years, you will likely be asked for ID before being served alcohol. 

Open container laws Barcelona

While you will no doubt want to unwind and have fun on your holiday, be aware that there are potential legal ramifications if you drink too much. These will only get more serious if you are also found to be underage. The most serious sanction will likely be a fine of around 500 euros. 

Buying alcahol is supermarkets

This is another interesting thing to remember when you’re visiting Barcelona because the rules about alcohol are different for shops and supermarkets. While restaurants and clubs will often be open and serving, your local shop and supermarket won’t. 

While some shops and supermarkets might be open late, they are not legally allowed to sell alcohol after 11 PM. So, if you plan to get some beer or wine and take it back to your lodgings, make sure to pick it up early. 

Let’s finish up with some lighter news, shall we? If you’re looking for a fun traditional Spanish beverage, we recommend Cava. This wondrous wine is sold all over Barcelona and is a distinctly Spanish beverage! Made with delicious grapes from the Catalonia region of Spain, this wine has a very unique taste to it.

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