Swimming Pools in Barcelona

In the summer months Barcelona is hot. Really hot! So hot in fact that the sand on the beach requires you to wear flips flops to walk on it! But if you are not a fan of crowded beaches, with sand getting in the most delicate of places and salt water then you are in luck because the city has some beautiful swimming pools for your pleasure. So if you are bored of getting hassled by mojito sellers pawning off lime juice and watered down rum to you for 5 euros take your own drinks to one of these pools so you can relax in the sun and swim in a clean pool that will wash away your well deserved hangover in no time!

CEM Parc de la Ciutadella

Paseo de Circumval·lació, 1, 08003, Barcelona, Spain

Entry price: 15.35 euros

The rooftop pool of the Ciutadella Municipal Sports Centre is situated right next to the park. The park itself is a really beautiful spot to hangout in during the day time. When you want to cool off, unless you want to jump into the Cascada fountain with the ducks the pool seems to be the better, and cleaner option! The pool is long and shallow (1.10 metres) but the space is calm and welcoming, perfect to combine with reading, sunbathing, a quick dip and a picnic. The entrance ticket lasts all day and gives you access to all the centre’s facilities.

Club Natacio Atletic Barceloneta

Plaza Del Mar, 08003, Barcelona, Spain

Entry price 12.78 euros

If you would not only like the luxury of a pool but with a sea view as well then this has the best of both worlds. In addition there is a solarium, with hammocks and views of the Mediterannean sea and the architectural Sant Sebastian tower. Located right on the beach front it has not one but two outdoor pools: the 20mx13m pool is for those just wanting to splash around and have fun while the heated 25mx21m pool has lanes for the more serious swimmers; or you can simply relax and float in their salt water pool.

Piscina Municipal de Mont Juic

Avinguda Miramar, 31, 08038, Barcelona, Spain

Entry price is 6.50 euros

Montjuïc Municipal Swimming Pool has one of the most stunning panoramic views of Barcelona. It was built for the Olympic Games up on Mont Juic and many iconic photographs from those games show divers jumping off the 10 metre board with the city in the background. Mont Juic itself is a beautiful walk up to the castle at the top. From that fort is one of the most stunningly beautiful views of the city. When you walk down the hill reward yourself with a good days climb and jump in the pool. The diving platforms are no longer open to the public. If you did want to know what it is like to jump off a 10 metre platform then you would have to climb the hill after dark, jump the fence and then jump off the diving board. This is obviously not allowed and I am not recommending it, I am just saying people do it!

Llac de la Creueta de la Coll

Passeig de la Mare, de Deu Del Coll, 77, 08023, Barcelona, Spain

Entry price is 3 euros

A pilgrimage to the Creueta del Coll park will reward not only your body and mind but also your wallet. To swim in the pool – situated in a former quarry, complete with island, surrounded by nature and featuring a sculpture by Chillida – costs little more than one euro from 6pm. There are parasols, a lawn area, hammocks for hire and even canoes available for bathers. The pool itself is very beautiful and organic looking. This place is more to relax and play, you won’t find lane barriers with swimmers sporting caps and budge smugglers pacing up and down, thank god!

Llac de Can Drago

Carrer de Rossello I Porcel, 7, 08016, Barcelona, Spain

Entry price is 7.10 euros

This enormous artifical lake is the private oasis for the locals in Nou Barris. The sport complex has more than 15,000 square metres, including the biggest swimming pool in Barcelona with a nice big grassy area where you can sunbathe, read, play and just generally relax. It is also a good place to take kids if you are travelling with them as the shallow end eases you in very gradually like a shore line.

Zona de banys Del Forum

Carrer de la Pau, 12, 08930, Barcelona, Spain

Entry price is 3 euros

At the Fòrum you can take a dip, but not on a traditional beach: this is an area won back from the sea with tons of concrete. At the Forum’s bathing area a stretch of seashore has been tamed to transform it into a giant, shallow, saltwater swimming pool, ideal for a splash. Admittedly this is not the most picturesque of swimming pools being made entirely of concrete and sea water but it is unique in its own way and it does have a zip line where you can rent a board and ride along a wire and bounce over a couple of jumps!

Can Caralleu

Calle Esports, 2-8, 08017, Barcelona, Spain

Entry price is 7.30 euros

The scent of pine and the sound of the city in the distance is a sure sign that you’re at Can Caralleu in Collserola Park. You can sunbathe beside the two swimming pools or sit on the grass in the shade of the pine forest and enjoy a picnic. Best to visit between 7am and noon, or after 7pm during the week because it can get busy in the afternoons, while the best time at the weekend is after 2pm

Piscines Bernat Picornell

Avinguda de L’Estadi, 30-38, 08038, Barcelona, Spain

Entry price is 12.15 euros

And last but certainly not least is the Olympic Swimming Pool. If you want to feel like an Olympic athlete then jump in and do your best Michael Phelps impression in this stunning full size pool. On Saturdays (holidays not included), from 9pm to 11pm the covered pool becomes a nudist area, so you can do a bit of night-time skinny dipping if that is your thing!