Tales from the boat party

I had heard about the Boat Party Barcelona from a couple of chicks we met in Prague. They had been on it a few weeks before and said it was loose as. Sometimes when girls say that they’re not quite on the same level of what guys consider to be loose but they were cool so we thought we should sign up to it and check it out ourselves. They did tell us as well that the boats fill up fast and to reserve out spot in advance so we booked it a couple of weeks before we were due to land in the Barcelona.


I was a little sceptical at first, I had done a booze cruise in Ibiza the previous summer and it was 90 euros and really not all that. Considering it was meant to be all you can drink they seemed pretty stingy with the actual handing out of the drinks! I had been on one in Majorca though and that one was amazing so you don’t know until you try it out eh? And for 55 euros it seemed like a pretty good price for a boat party so we decided to get involved.


On the day me, Jackson, Mark and Beau headed down to the Port Olympic. We had been on the piss the night before which in retrospect was a mistake but we weren’t gonna miss out on a night out in Barcelona while we were here! Fortunately the sea seemed pretty calm which settled Mark’s nerves because he gets a little sea sick and was worried he was gonna spend the day spewing over the side rather than enjoying the party! When we got to the dock there was a good mix of people, we were glad to see it wasn’t a sausage party like the one in Ibiza! I do love how many Scandinavians seems to find their way to Barcelona in the summertime!


As soon as we got on the boat they handed us a beer which was a good start. Jackson recommended we shotgun it which seemed an absolutely stellar idea, especially as Mark as already looking a little worse for wear from last night’s festivities and I was really hoping he would run to the side and spew it straight back up. Unfortunately he held it down like a man. As the boat pushed out of the harbour and into the Mediterranean the view back on the city was amazing. Barcelona is flat but it slopes upwards into the mountains behind so in a strange way you feel like you can actually see the entire city from the water. Yup writing that seems to make no sense but that’s actually what it felt like at the time!


There were a few tables downstairs and as Beau carries ping pong balls everywhere he goes we set up a game of beer pong and invited a couple of Scandies to play. I actually had a shocker that game and we ended up losing which was deeply embarrassing but at least we got a chance to chat away to the girls and get to know them while we played. At the end of the game Jackson came over with more beer and we introduced the girls to shotgunning beers which amazingly they had never done before. Everyone’s gotta break their shotgun virginity at some point!


We walked upstairs and even though we had only been on the boat for about 25 minutes the tunes upstairs were absolutely thumping! The DJ was spinning some absolute bangers! Then some guy came around and was spraying whipped cream and chocolate sauce on everyone so I got him to spray it on the Scandies and me and Mark got right stuck in on licking it off! We were all pretty sticky by the end of it but fortunately the boat anchored and we all jumped off the back of the boat. Some of the staff threw some inflatables into the water so we dicked around for a while doing some crazy jumps and flips off the boat.


When it was time to head back in we helped them grab all the inflatables back in cos some of them had drifted away a bit. Being in the water had sobered us up a bit which was no good so me and Jackson set up a boat race with 10 people of downing a cup of sangria and then smashed the cup on your forehead. My team won cos Jackson had some French guys on his and we found out they can’t down a drink to save their life!


By this time the party upstairs had properly started popping off! Maybe it was because we were pretty cooked by this point but I swear we were all rocking the boat with how hard we were dancing on the top deck! I took my Scandy, Alva downstairs to chill on the front of the boat. There we found a good squad of people who were all chilling and chatting. It was a really nice way to finish off the party, there were probably 15 of us laying round on the front. It was getting a little late which was nice because it was a little bit more cool than the baking afternoon head and the sun was starting to set behind the city leaving a pretty beautiful backdrop that we were sailing back to.


Boat Party Barcelona was an epic day out, it is everything a booze cruise should be, an abundance of piss, tons of chicks, good happy vibes and a beautiful setting for it all. The type of people who go on these boat parties are good time fun party who are all there just to have a laugh which is perfect. Next summer I’m definitely hoping for another Euro trip there is so much to see and I will definitely been coming on another boat party!